Quail Eggs


The egg is a finished product derived from fresh eggs as a result of automated, machine depriving them of their outer shells. It is produced both for hen eggs (with all kinds of chowów ie. Organic, free-range, barn, cage) and quail.

Used by Ferm Oldar manufacturing process ensures purity of microbial mass, while fully maintaining the nutritional value and flavor of fresh eggs. Pasteurized egg material with Sokolov aseptically packed in a plastic bag (bag in box containing 5, 10 and 20 kg) arranged in a box, and in the plastic tank with a capacity of 400, 600 and 1000 kg. This product is the perfect solution and at the same time streamlining the production process for confectioneries, bakeries, hotels and various catering facilities.

To the numerous advantages of pasteurized egg mass from Sokolow may include the elimination of labor-intensive processes and time-consuming tasks associated with the depopulation of eggs, eliminate waste, ie. In shell, easy storage and to reduce the storage space.